2015 Commencement Photo Gallery #1

Click here to watch the archived video from Hilbert College’s 54th Annual Commencement >>>

(Please note: Ceremony begins around the 42:00 mark of the video and we experienced audio difficulties at the beginning of the ceremony, which are cleared up around the 50:00 mark)

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54th Annual Commencement – Live Streaming

_MG_0682Hilbert College is pleased to announce that the school’s 54th Annual Commencement on Saturday, May 16, 2015 will be streamed live on the internet.  This marks the second consecutive year that Hilbert’s commencement ceremony will be available for live online viewing.  The ceremony will be streamed using Boxcast technology. Commencement begins at 1:00 p.m. at the Wesleyan Church of Hamburg.  We are happy to be able to provide this free streaming and encourage you to share the link with friends and family who may not be in attendance at the church.

Click here for Live Streaming >>>  (link will be active at approx. 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, May 16)

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Two Hilbert Accounting Students Recognized at Dinner

20150421AcctOn Tuesday April 21, two Hilbert students were recognized by the NYSSCPA for their academic achievements.  Jonathan Monheim was the recipient of the Award of Honor and Melody Cole was the recipient of the John T. Kennedy Memorial Award.  The Award of Honor is presented to a senior with the highest general averaged grade in all accounting courses, and the John T. Kennedy Memorial Award is presented to a junior with the highest overall scholastic average.

These awards were presented at the NYSSCPA Buffalo Chapter’s Education Night Dinner at Salvatore’s Italian Gardens.  The students were in attendance with Professor Roland, as well as their parents.

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Hilbert’s Enactus Team Competes at National Expo | Photo Gallery

The Hilbert College Enactus team, founded in 2001, recently traveled to St. Louis for the 2015 Enactus National Exposition. Of the 533 teams chartered in the United States the Hilbert College Enactus team finished in the Top 100, making it one of the top 20% in the country. This year’s team was comprised of five members. The presenters included Amanda Becker, Arvi Carkanji, Cord Polzin, and Joshua Von Haugg. The presentation technician was Olivia Kimble.

This marks the 10th time out of 15 years that the Hilbert College Enactus, formerly SIFE, was recognized as an opening round champion, and advanced to the next level of the competition. In addition to the competition, the Hilbert College students also took advantage of the sights that St. Louis had to offer. They toured the Anheuser-Busch Factory, the famous St. Louis arch, and by attending a hometown MLB game at Busch Stadium. Fun was had by all of the members of the team. If interested in participating in Enactus please contact Professor Dan Roland at droland@hilbert.edu.

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New Diversity Video Created by Students

The COM club created a video for the Provost’s Advisory Committee on Diversity.  Check it out today!

Great Work!

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Students Visit Federal Courthouse

HilbertFederalCourtHilbert students had the opportunity to visit and tour the federal courthouse in downtown Buffalo on Friday, April 10, thanks to Wendy Edson, Chair of the Professional Studies Division, and Katie Martoche, Director of Career Development and Service Learning.

The group was surprised upon arriving and meeting with Gretchen Wylegala, Hilbert’s Board Chair and an Attorney for the Federal Government, who had arranged with Judge Jeremiah McCarthy, a Hilbert Board member, to meet the group along with four Hilbert grads who work in the court system.  The group also met with court librarian Jay Deveau, who had been an adjunct at Hilbert for many years.  It was a tremendous opportunity for students to hear from graduates about how their Hilbert education, internships, and connections helped them professionally.

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Hilbert Introduces New Major for Internet Journalism & List Creation – 14 of the MOST important rules

58411875April 1, 2015

Hilbert College has announced it will begin offering a new major in Internet Journalism. Some of the core courses include:

#COM 102 – Writing Headlines that subsequently have nothing to do with the content of the story

#COM 201 – The Epitome of Hyperbole – EVERYTHING you write should be the MOST important story of all time

#COM 245 – How to create useless, needless, and worthless lists that will waste an immeasurable amount of people’s time

#COM 401 – How to get the most clicks on social media – take some of the most obvious things in society and act like you are performing a public service by publishing them. For Example – The most important thing to do this weekend, that you probably never thought of … Click the link and get: Don’t turn your clocks back.

Now for 14 of the MOST important rules of Internet Journalism (there is really only 5, but 14 sounded better)

  1. Accuracy, Accuracy, Accuracy … is NOT important on the internet
  2. Objectivity has no place on the internet. Don’t let the facts get in the way of your opinion! Don’t worry about telling the Who, What, When, Why, and How
  3. Lists are your friend, make ‘em up. As many as you want, about whatever you want, really I’m not kidding. The 17 most thirst-quenching beverages (water is not one of them) – Go for it!
  4. You don’t really have to take into account things like: public trust, truthfulness, fairness, integrity, independence or accountability. It’s just the Internet.
  5. You should not worry yourself with minor details like spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

For those interested in this major, please email your questions to AFD2015@nosuchemail.edu.


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