From the Hilbert College Wellness Center – Tips on Losing Weight

Lose-weight-healthyTips on Losing Weight for the Warmer Months
by Kirsten Falcone, RN

If you are like most college students, you have put on a few pounds since you arrived last August. But now that spring break is over, summer break is on the horizon, and so is all its skin-bearing attire. Suddenly, those pounds are a bit more noticeable. Before you go on a diet, be sure to check your body mass index (BMI). Anyone whose BMI (see previous blog on BMI) is between 18.5 and 24.9 is a normal weight, so you may still be within that range, and you don’t really need to lose weight. But if your BMI is above 25, it is a good idea to instill some new habits.

Exercise. Before considering cutting calories, it is important to add exercise into your routine. A good start, and one that is easy to maintain, is simply to briskly walk at least three times per week. (Now that the snow and ice are melting, this will be easier to do!) Walking and swimming are the least jarring of all the options available, and they are great for your cardiovascular system, as well as many other bodily systems. If you never exercised before, and your calorie intake remains the same, you may find that adding exercise is the only lifestyle change needed in order to accomplish your goal.

The time of day matters when it comes to exercise. Ideally, the morning is the best time, because it jump starts your metabolism for the day. (But don’t make the mistake of not exercising at all. Some exercise is better than none at all.) Be aware that if you exercise too close to bedtime, you will lose the benefit of an increased metabolism, as your body will slow down in preparation for sleep. You will also run the risk of experiencing sleeplessness, which leads us to the subject of…

Sleep. Studies have shown that a lack of sleep hinders metabolism. Also, if you are sleep-deprived, you will be less motivated to spend energy on maintaining your exercise and nutrition habits. It is important to adhere to the same bedtime every night, and sleep at least 7 ½ hours. (Many adults need up to nine hours, just to feel human.)

Nutrition. Changing what you eat may be important, if you don’t eat a balanced diet. But sometimes changing the way you eat is more important. For example, you should eat the vegetables and fruit on your plate first before you eat the main course. (No, potato chips and French fries are not considered vegetables!) This will help you acquire the vitamins and fiber you need and may keep you from overdoing it with the more fattening entrée.

Another strategy is to eat only half of what you would normally eat, such as half a sandwich, or use a smaller plate, which tricks you into thinking your portion is larger than it is. (And don’t go back for seconds!) If you are out at a restaurant, it is OK to eat only half. Also be aware that a large percentage of the meal’s calories can be hidden in the beverage, so always opt for healthful choices, such as skim milk, unsweetened tea, or just plain water. Try to skip the caffeine, if possible, or limit it to the equivalent of two cups of coffee per day. It is also important to take the proper time to eat, since the stomach will not usually register it is full until 20 minutes afterward.

It is a good idea to read labels for items such as sugar, salt, fat, and fiber. If you can substitute whole food for labeled food, it’s all the better. An apple a day really does keep the doctor away! Plus, make certain you drink 64 or more ounces of water per day. (See previous blog on dehydration.) Sometimes when we think we are hungry, we are really just dehydrated.

Food Journaling. Keeping a food journal is a good option for those who are accustomed to snacking throughout the day. It is easy to forget about that cookie here or that small bag of chips there. Keep the journal with you at all times, so you won’t forget to write things down.

Fad Diets. Skip them. They don’t work. In the long run, you will gain all your weight back, plus more. The best course of action for losing weight is exercise and portion control, period.

Electronic Help. Though the jury is still out on the effectiveness of electronic help and smart phone apps, it may benefit you to try these sources:


Lose It!





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Hilbert Students Achieve Academic Honors for Fall ‘14

HAMBURG, N.Y. – More than 420 Hilbert College students have been named to the Fall 2014 academic honors list for having achieved a 3.3 GPA or above for the semester.

Named to Hilbert’s Fall 2014 academic honors list are:

(listed by hometown)

ACTON, Ontario:  Tomas Bojkovski

ALBANY: Brenden Deady and Benjamin Unverhau

ALBION:  Steven Papponetti

ALDEN: Jennifer Colvin and Shauna Giambrone

ALLEGANY:  Julianne Spring

ALTAMONT: Joshua Von Haugg

AMHERST:  Melissa Brown, Anthony Milone, and Mariah Yochelson

ANGOLA:  William Brightman, Alex Haley, Rebecca Kozminski, Carl Lograsso, Ashlee Pollinger, Ryan Smith, and Dana Waring

ARCADE:  Amanda Ashworth, Kelly Ann Lynch, and Shannon Rogers

ATTICA:  Amber Holley and Shannon Petrinec

AUBURN:  Lea Church

AVERILL PARK: Jennifer Williams

BALLSTON LAKE:  Grant Stockman

BATAVIA: Kayla Baker

BATH:  Courtney Coots

BEAVER DAMS:  Harlie Decker

BLASDELL:  Jehad Ahmed, Rebecca Arroyo, Ryan Blakely, Nathan Clark, Elizabeth Constable, Danielle Dylik, Amanda Fischer, Katelyn Hearn, Ryan Kininger, Sierra Love, Jonathan O’Dell, Emina Siljak, Callie Stack, and Nathan Szustak

BLISS:  Tiffany Burrows and Shawn Pope

BOLIVAR: Morgan Nellis

BOSTON:  Samantha Bugenhagen, Chelsea Bender, Kelly Grapes, and Victoria Kough

BRONX:  Soyini Nixon, Shanice Roman, Paola Taveras, and Akeem Todd

BUFFALO:  Chelsea Adamski, Belal Ahmed, Mark Almquist, Julie Ashby, Katelynn Bigham, Mollie Blake, Margaret Brendl, Janae Brown, Emily Ciezki, Maria Cruz, Casey Gauthier, Bryan Gerrity, Jenna Grieco, Kaitlyn Griffin, Alexia Guzman, Jenna Holland, Davonna Howard, Ryan Hunter, Cheryl Kennedy, Olivia Kimble, David Kline, Ambrielle LaBardo, Santiago Lopez, Kiara Martin, Kaitlyn Murphy, Danielle Nash, Tyler O’Neill, Sarah Oryszak, Matthew Pierakos, Scott Piwowarczyk, Amir Ramulic, Kai Redmond, Courtney Rice, Christie Rossney, Adam Schuler, David Seifert, Danielle Simmons, Cory Suszek, Ailin Vega, Darius Washington, Dominque Washington, and Emily Weaver

CAMDEN: Brittany Correia

CAMILLUS: Emily Deragon

CAMPBELL:  Emily Gauss


CHAFFEE:  Jake Uhteg

CHEEKTOWAGA:  Kyle Bork, Dylan Braniecki, Tyler Eister, Victoria Kubiak, Marquan Lowe, MaryJo Malczewski, LeAnna Nemeth, Kelsi Sajdak, Jordyn Schenk, Emily Speidel, Carly Spencer, and Alyssa Yung

CHITTENANGO:  Robert Cuomo and Tanner Makowski

CICERO:  Bradley Perrin

CLARENCE: Rebecca Crawford



CLYMER:  Lauren Eggleston

COLDEN:  Anthony Schaffer

COLLINS:  Valeria Brown and Hayley Ploetz

CORNING:  Ryan Brewster

COWLESVILLE: Rachel Freiheit

CUBA:  Rachael Krajna and Cynthia Resch

DANSVILLE:  Samantha Brockway, Benjamin Knights, and Karleigh Perry

DEPEW:  Christopher Krueger, Amanda Lumadue, Erin Michaels, Melissa Musialowski, and Brianna O’Connor

DERBY:  Taylor DiBerardino, Jesse Gajdosz, Luke Hamerski, Kevin Pfeiffer, and Nicole Ulrich

DUNKIRK:  Kathleen Palkovic


EAST AURORA: Kevin Begley, Matthew Buehlmann, Paige Goerke, Gavin Griffin, Michael Komorek, Leo Kull, Kelly Mergenhagen, Jonathan Monheim, Nikki Schneider, and Cassandra Webster


EAST ROCHESTER: Stephanie Glaza

EDEN:  Melody Cole, Margaret Cronmiller, Loran Crowden, Alexa Fleming, Benjamin Gemza, Kristina Gemza, and Cord Polzin

ELMA:  Robert Bauer, Matthew Corigliano, Brittany Ferraraccio,  Amanda Figueroa, Alyx Tobolski, and Sean Wrigglesworth

FALCONER:  Makalia Haveron

FORT ATKINSON, WI:  Tiffany Henze

FREDONIA:  Brittany Crooks, Sean Sticek, and Spencer Sticek

FREMONT, OH:  Amanda Binder

FREWSBURG:  Kamryn Gardner

GANSEVOORT:  Ariana Scheidt

GLENFIELD:  Emily Cole

GOUVERNEUR:  Jaelyn Gotham

GOWANDA:  Meghan Himelein

GRAND ISLAND:  Adam Hefka, Tyler Jackman, and Kori Loder

HAINESPORT, NJ:  William Moleins

HAMBURG:  Lisa Beckwith, Jamie Bieber, Lauren Brown, Catherine Bruce-Reczek,  Lauren Bugaj, Ryan Dembski, Alicia Devlin, Kelsi Ebert, Rebecca Emser, Shannon Gallagher, Jason Galuszka, Kathleen Grabar, David Grapes, Nicole Haas, Paul Haberman, Matthew Hernik, Jacob Hoover, Colin Howard, Kari Huber, Carl Jackson, Hunter Kellerman, Rebecca Kelly, Connor Kirst, Robert Kirst, Jenna LaBrie, Eric Labedz, Katrina Lovecchio, Kelly Mandell, Mark McDonnell, James Moscato, Connor Moses, Ryan Preziosi,  Caitlin Queen, Dalton Reynolds, Elysia Rousseau, Vincent Sardo, Lauren Smalter, Kelly Stephenson, Shannon Stephenson, Kyle Stromecki, Nicholaus Szabala, Juliet Talarico, Evan Taylor, David VanRemmen, Erin Walsh, and Jenna West

HOLLAND:  Bridgett Moshier and Michal Sokolowski

HORSEHEADS:  Jenah Labuski


IRVING:  Marcella Torres and Alicia Franklin

JAVA CENTER:  Mariah Erhardt

KENMORE:  Mary Rhoades

KENNEDY:  Javen Newman

KILL BUCK: Ethan Kenyon

LACKAWANNA:  Emily Alvarez, Esther Chan, Julie Holy, Joseph Kujawski, Maja Minic, Nicolas Rodriguez, Greg Swaggard, Joshua Szwed, and Adam Zawadzki

LAKE VIEW:  Rebekah Mullen, Cory Nieman, Emily Pawelski, and Charles Shuskie

LANCASTER:  Jacob Alessi, Hunter Bielat, Megan Burdzy, Teresa Dillsworth, Daina Hittle, Cortney Hoerner, Jesse Hughes, Nathaniel Hyman, Alexander Madera, Corinne McCarthy, Jacob Piskor, Elliott Russillio, Michael Salerno, Ashley Schiffler, and Caitlyn Tauriello

LAWTONS:  Megan Holcomb and Jo’Elle Thompson

LEROY: Emily Reese

LEWISTON:  Nichole Grenga

LINDLEY:  Matthew Clark

LINWOOD: Jaclyn Morgan

LOCKPORT:  Brianna Brenon, Chelsea Heffernan, Brett Kane, Kurtis Maloney, Victoria Santos, Korey Schwab, Ryan Schwab, and Ryan Schupp

LOCKPORT, IL: Briahna Farries

LOS ANGELES, CA: Jacqueline Guox

MARILLA:  Jennifer Grzeskiewicz and Adam Taylor

MARTINEZ, CA:  Tyler Shaw

MOUNT MORRIS:  Megan Van Norman

NEWFIELD:  Amber Neff

NIAGARA FALLS:  Kendra Agee, Crystal Hailey, Ka-Shara Jordon, Austin Mathis, and Christina Schulte

NORTH COLLINS:  Autumn Cosandier, Cynthia Nelson, Jennifer Robinson, Julia Seege, and Matthew Swan

NORTH SYRACUSE:  Ashely Benjamin

NORTH TONAWANDA:  Zachary Beasock, Marissa Carvalho, Nicholas Clay, Kayla Lansberry, Mitchell Milbrand, Robert Thompson, and Tyler Verrall

OAKFIELD:  Paige Chatt and Matthew Wise

O’FALLON, MO:  Erika Pierson

ONEIDA: Gabriel Esparza

ONEONTA:  Alexis Rowe

ORCHARD PARK:  Crystal Andruszko, Barrett Armstrong, Erik Babiarski, Justin Brusehaber, Paige Chernogorec, Michaela Doyle, Camila Eskew, Jennifer Gattie, Brianna Guarino, Sean Hogan, Evan James, Chelsea Perkins, Daniel Pulaski, Kylie Reinholz, Bryce Rydza, Samantha Senn, Karl Spaeth, Jason Tabaczynski, and Kylie Wooliver

PALM COAST, FL:  Kevin Moore

PARKSVILLE:  Jordan Fedun

PENFIELD: Jordan Botsford

PENN YAN:  Rebecca Bailey

PENNELLVILLE:  Alexander Wisner

PHOENIX:  Megan Murphy

PITTSFORD:  David DeCocq

PULASKI: Kristina Gilbert



ROCHESTER:  Brittany Hancy, Dana Starr, and Casey Walsh

ROME: Kashyah Williams

SALAMANCA:  Marisa Huffman

SHADYSIDE, OH: Austin Good

SHIRLEY:  Matthew Simon

SILVER CREEK:  Stephen Marcey


SLOAN: Briana Ziembiec

SODUS:  Breana Cline

SOUTH WALES:  Sydny Cappano

SPOKANE, WA: Tatyona Duke

SPRINGVILLE:  Jamie Bailey, Lauren Baker, Kimberly Klein, Janine Lemke, and Kelsey Warner

STILLWATER:  Ashley Kurucz

STRYKERSVILLE:  Heather Heineman

TONAWANDA:  Savanna Baughman, Veronica Burgio, Amburley Burris, Brittany Carey, Carlos Cintron, Tyler Coniglio, David Crouse, Elissa Hall, Morgan Sajdak, Brianna Schuck, Megan Starner, Christine Whipkey, and Elizabeth Wood

UTICA:  Samantha Gerstner and Brittany Gregory

VENICE, FL:  Andrew Duncan

WARSAW:  Lindsay O’Neil and Taylor Smith

WEST FALLS:  Joshua Zielen-Ersing

WEST HENRIETTA:  Tiffany Serra

WEST SENECA:  Jacob Abraszek, Matthew Barth, Caitlyn Binkowski, Lukas Cetkovic, Shannon Cochrane, Steven Dickman, Megan Ebert, Kyle English, James Geary, Travis Hicks, Connor Hoch, Adam Husted, Samantha Jablonski, Cassondra Johnson, Samantha Koelemeyer, Katherine Kosowski, Abbey Kulikowsky, Jaimie Lelonek, Ellen Lema, Daniel Lewis, Alyssa Maiorana, Alexandria Makowski, Ashlee Nasca, Ryan Rusin, Rosemarie Schuster, Jeremy Shay, Joseph Sorbini, Michael Szmania, Holly Tabor, Amanda Tomaka, Emilee Villafranca, Kayla Vollmer, Teresa Wegner, and Paul Wujek

WESTAMPTON, NJ:  Douglas Scalice

WILLIAMSVILLE:  Daniel Christmann, Matthew Goraj, Megan Klosterman, and Victoria Lorenzo

WILSON: Patricia Myers

WINDSOR:  Courtney Vaccaro


WOODBRIDGE, ON:  Andrew Cartaginese

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Hilbert’s Transfer & Graduate Fair

Transfer-Grad Fair-slider

The Transfer & Graduate Fair is a great opportunity to learn about the many academic programs Hilbert College has to offer.

If you are looking to transfer to Hilbert as a traditional undergrad, complete a bachelor’s degree in our Accelerated Degree program or start a graduate program, this event is for you.

This is your opportunity to meet faculty, students, financial aid and admission representatives and see what Hilbert has to offer you. Campus tours available.

Check-in at 5:30.  REGISTER TODAY

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NYSSCPA Selects two Hilbert Students for 2015 Awards

The New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants (NYSSCPA), Buffalo Chapter has selected Hilbert senior Jonathan Monheim as the Award of Honor recipient and junior Melody Cole as the John T. Kennedy Memorial Award winner.  The awards will be presented at the Annual Education Night Dinner of the NYSSCPA, Buffalo Chapter, this spring.


Jonathan Monheim

Jonathan Monheim is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Accounting.   Monheim is the President of Phi Beta Lambda, the business and accounting club at Hilbert and has played NCAA Division III soccer for Hilbert. He was the recipient of the John T. Kennedy Memorial Award last year and is a member of the Tau Sigma National Honor Society. Monheim is also interning at The Bonadio Group in East Aurora and hopes to learn valuable information which will assist him in his career after school. After graduating in May of 2015, Jonathan plans to attend St. Bonaventure University for his MBA and sit for the CPA exam.


Melody Cole

Melody Cole, an Eden New York native, is a junior at Hilbert College studying accounting.   In addition to succeeding academically, Cole is very involved on campus. She works as a student ambassador, orientation leader, and peer leader which help with the required freshman foundation course. She is also the treasurer of Enactus and a member of Phi Beta Lamba. Last year, Cole was ranked second in accounting principles from testing facilitated through Phi Beta Lamba. Outside of classes she works part time at a local dance supply store.

The NYSSCPA Award of Honor:  awarded to one graduating senior, in recognition of outstanding achievements in accounting studies. The award honors accounting students who meet all of the following requirements for eligibility:

  • The recipient must be a member of a class containing at least six students.
  • The recipient must have completed (by May 2014) the school’s registered accounting curriculum.
  • The recipient must have received the highest general averaged grade in all accounting courses.

The John T. Kennedy Memorial Award: awarded to one junior majoring in accounting and having the highest overall scholastic average.

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Staying Healthy on Spring Break

SprBreakFrom the Hilbert College Wellness Center
By Kirsten Falcone, RN

Staying Healthy on Spring Break

Spring Break is quickly approaching, and many college students—especially this year!—choose to travel south for much-needed warmer weather, sunshine, and relaxation. In order to benefit the most from spring break, there are some key health items to remember.

Protect yourself from the sun. The winter months in Western New York have taken their toll on all of us this year. But that is no reason to forget to protect yourself from sunburn. Use sunscreen of at least SPF 15 (preferably much higher) and reapply often, wear cover-ups and a hat, avoid the sun between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., and wear sunglasses. If you start to get burned, get out of the sun, and keep hydrated. Mild sunburns can be soothed with over-the-counter pain medications and cool compresses. Avoid any more sun exposure until the current burn has resolved.

Be smart when drinking alcohol. The healthiest choice is one glass (five ounces) of red wine per day for women and two glasses per day for men. The liver cannot process more than one ounce of hard liquor, five ounces of wine, or 12 ounces of beer per hour. In addition, drink one eight-ounce glass of water per alcoholic drink, if at all possible, to prevent the effects of dehydration. Make sure one person is a designated driver, or arrange another mode of transportation. Also be aware of people who might prey on unsuspecting tourists.

For more information on enjoying a healthful Spring Break, visit these Web sites:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

Safety tips:


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Financial Aid Night – Feb. 17

Financial Aid Night | Tuesday, February 17 | 6:00 p.m. | Franciscan Hall | Register Now

Hilbert-20There are many details to be aware of during the financial aid application process. Come to our financial aid night at Hilbert College and learn from our experts. We will walk you through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), New York State’s Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) application, provide information about other financial resources, and answer any other questions you may have. Please come prepared with your U.S. Department of Education pin (available at and your completed IRS forms from your most recent return. Campus tours will also be available.

For more information, please contact Kim Sperring at (716) 926-8783 or e-mail


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Photo Gallery – 2015 Grad Poster Presentation

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